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My present practice areas are:

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I believe a free initial consultation is highly beneficial to both the client and the attorney. It allows each party to get to know the other, and enables the attorney to understand the case or matter, what will probably be necessary to handle it, and to some extent at least, what it will cost. For these reasons, I will always give a free telephone consultation, which might last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, and if the circumstances indicate, a further free consultation in person.


It is very difficult to be specific about attorney's fees without knowing what the case or matter is about. In general, the fee can be either just a flat amount, an hourly rate, or on a contingent basis, where the fee is a percentage of the recovery. Almost never is a flat fee a good idea for either the client or the attorney. An hourly fee will be based on the magnitude and difficulty of whatever is being undertaken, but will not be less than $225.00 an hour. All personal injury, wrongful death, and medical malpractice cases are handled on a contingent basis, so that if there is no recovery there is no fee.

Because it is in the best interest of both the attorney and the client, attorney's fees are always discussed fully at the beginning so that both parties are clear about what to expect. In appropriate cases, payment plans can be arranged.

Finally, be assured that, in principle, I have absolutely no interest in doing anything more in any case or matter than is necessary to handle the case or matter successfully and to the client's satisfaction.


What you have just read is the short version of what I think you most want to know. Many people are satisfied and want to proceed with nothing further. If that is you, you can call me now at (916) 712-3876. However, there is more if you are interested:

Thank you for viewing my web site. I am sure I would be happy to help you with your case or matter. In all events, I wish you the best of good fortune going forward, whatever you choose to do from here.